Orlando HIPAA Compliance Lawyer

As one of the premier law firms in Florida specifically dedicated to health care law, we at Lowe & Evander, P.A. are ready to put our expertise to help you or your organization address any HIPAA-related issue. We have extensive experience working with covered entities, including:

  • Physicians
  • Physician groups
  • Hospitals
  • Home health agencies
  • Durable medical equipment companies (DME)
  • Nursing homes
  • Skilled nursing facilitates
  • Business associates, including management service companies, IT companies, website designers, electronic medical record (EMR) companies and malpractice insurance carriers

We have brought our expertise to help clients with active internal auditing (including security, encryption, policies procedures, business associate agreements), addressing any compliance issues after they have been caught internally and with OCR, HHS and privacy lawsuits. Our board-certified Florida HIPAA compliance attorney and team are ready to do everything to help you reach an ideal resolution, regardless of your HIPAA issue.

To schedule an initial consultation with an attorney, call (407) 332-6353 or e-mail the firm.

*Please note Lowe & Evander, P.A. does not represent patients in any HIPAA, Medical Malpractice or Health Care Law Matters. Lowe & Evander, P.A. only represents Health Care professionals and Health Care facilities. If you are a patient looking for representation please do not contact our firm, we are unable to refer you at this time and are advising you to seek counsel elsewhere. Please contact The Florida Bar Association lawyer referral service 1-800-342-8011 or online.