Florida Lawyer For Management Services Company Contracts And Agreements

More and more physicians and health care professionals and providers need strong management to free them up to focus on core processes and health care delivery. There is an entire subset of the healthcare industry developing with companies managing large integrated health networks, along with other management companies that put dispensing programs and offices to work on PIP and workers’ compensation claims. Other companies manage a network of clinics and physician offices or provide physician management services.

If you seek to partner with a management company, it is critical to draft documentation and structure it in a way that is in line with Florida and federal anti-kickback statutes, particularly if there are marketing agreements.

We at Lowe & Evander, P.A., are prepared to address all issues with respect to management service agreements and structuring of management services. Our health care law attorneys will do everything to structure the compensation on a flat fee basis, addressing all fee-splitting issues with respect to Florida laws. In practice, this means that we will draft all contracts in terms of specific services and compensation, along with making sure that proper termination provisions and other issues are covered.

Additionally, our Orlando management services company lawyers are prepared to work on co-management arrangements. We can help clients streamline the delivery process, expenses and costs. It is important to note that these involve key issues of health care systems contracting with physicians and physician-owned entities. As such, we will make sure that all compensation is provided at fair market value and that it is compliant with all provisions set out by the Office of Inspector General.

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