Florida Affordable Care Act (ACA) Lawyer

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) represents an unprecedented change in the healthcare industry. The government now has immense resources to go after health care fraud; as such, physicians and providers will be seriously affected. One of the biggest issues involves the transparency laws that now make available physician relations with medical equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and other trial studies. As such, it is critical to know the transparency requirements of what providers are doing and what they are being paid to do.

Additionally, the ACA is a paradigm shift in terms of payment. It has driven a huge change in the health care system in terms of integration and consolidation, being bought out, being taken over by health systems or becoming employed by health systems and hospitals rather than by physician groups. Managed care and other health insurance contracts are changing, reimbursements will decline, and requirements will increase. This will touch all aspects of a provider or physician’s practice or business. It will be necessary to address contractual issues, regulatory requirements and other high-tech amendments to HIPAA.

More and more physicians are reinventing themselves and their practices, some opting out or not participating, with others looking to concierge medicine or other types of ancillary or other nontraditional medical services. If you or your organization seeks to address any changing ACA compliance issues, it is critical to reach out to a skilled lawyer who can help you address all issues.

We at Lowe & Evander, P.A., help clients find various types of relationships with employers that need health care delivered to their workforce by establishing in-house health care delivery systems. Our health care law attorneys can look at all compliance details and make all necessary changes to reflect regulations and statutes. We will look at all contractual documentation and reach out to risk management experts, as necessary.

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